ArtTech Entrepreneurial & Innovation Center Apartments

Cedar Rapids, IA • TBD

Since the great flood of 2008, the NewBo Neighborhood in southeast Cedar Rapids has become the strongest area to renovate existing historic buildings and create new residential and business opportunities.  Since the flood that ravaged the city in 2008, over $150,000,000 in new investments are located in the NewBo neighborhood.

ArtTech is a collaborative effort by three local businessmen and HDG.  Designed to embrace the agricultural industrial architecture of the area and create new market rate apartments for the growing interest in living in the most entertaining and culturally diverse area of the city.  ArtTech will have 105 one and two bedroom apartments with the amenity of a Co-working space for all residents to work from home.  On the ground floor ArtTech is taking the concept of capacity building to the next level.  ArtTech will attract new entrepreneurs who will work and live in their space, creating a work/live environment geared toward sharing costs between where one lives and where one sells their product as a retailer.

ArtTech will share programs with New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, or NewBoCo for short, a non-profit focused on making our community more resilient to a changing economy by supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech education.  ArtTech is perfect to house students, employees, start-up entrepreneurs.  The City of Cedar Rapids will invest in building a surface parking area for the building and constructing a bike path through our property to connect the newly announced construction of a pedestrian and bike bridge across the Cedar River with downtown.