The Historic Hotel Maytag Once Again Is an Economic Contributor in a Small Community

Retrofit Magazine • May 10, 2021

The project completed in summer 2019 and brings to life 45 new workforce and market-rate apartments, a rehabilitated Capitol Theater, a rehabilitated Midtown Cafe and several new retail shops. With vision, hard work, commitment and teamwork, the community of Newton not only saved the Hotel Maytag as a foundational historic and iconic building but also turned it into an attraction that’s re-energizing the community.

The project provides needed affordable housing in the mid-size city of approximately 15,000 residents. Now known as the Hotel Maytag Apartments, 39 of the apartments are reserved for low- to moderate-income tenants. The theater, now known as the Capitol II Theater, has emerged as an essential cultural landmark. Although it still faces competition in nearby Altoona, Iowa, the incorporation of technology-rich, modern upgrades and expanded concession offerings set against its uniquely historic aesthetic, position the independently owned Capitol II Theater as a competitive economic asset and unique experience unachievable by today’s chain theaters. And the restored ballroom, now known as the Maytag Event Complex, has reemerged as a thriving event center. Thanks to a partnership with Des Moines Area Community College, the complex serves as a full-service banquet facility that can accommodate a single large event of up to 250 people or several small groups simultaneously.

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